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Waves Luggage Medium

除了旋轉輪、拉鍊、手抽位、防刮外殼, 我們更模擬行李箱意外躍下、翻倒等情況下反覆測試,達到理想效果。
以波浪流線的設計,加以防刮紋理的外殼、雙層防盜拉鍊、TSA防盜鎖、日本Hinomoto 360度流暢雙輪、Cordura 軍用物料擴充層及可掛式活動分隔收納層等,打造設計與實用並重的行李箱。
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Waves Luggage Medium
25" Luggage ; 27cm (D) x 45.5cm (W) x 68cm (H) ; 71L

Product Details

The details

  • 3種尺寸以供選購:S(20"); M(25"); L(29")
  • 堅固的100%純PC聚碳酸酯材質外殼- 無任何雜質,堅固的耐用性和重量輕的強度
  • 可​​增大​擴展​容量 - CORDURA® 軍用物料擴充層
  • 雙​拉鏈牙 - 提高行李​箱​安全性,​​雙​拉鏈牙結構比正常拉鏈比的抗穿刺能力增加了一倍以上。它防止鏈條容易刺穿筆和其他​尖銳物品​。
  • 防刮紋理
  • Hinomoto輪 - 四個Hinomoto旋轉輪​於​​日本​高​質量標準​制造​。它們允許在所有方向上輕松360度旋轉。
  • TSA 防盜鎖
  • 可掛式活動分隔收納層

The details

  • 3 Sizes available: S(20"); M(25"); L(29")
  • Advance 100% pure PC Polycarbonate Shells - without any impurities, rugged durability and light weight strength
  • Expansion system - CORDURA® extension layer
  • Double coil zipper - Enhance luggage security, the double element structure more than doubled the chain's resistance to puncture compared to the usual normal zipper.It prevents the chain from being easily punctured with pens and other similar objects.
  • Anti-Scratch Texture
  • Large Capacity
  • Hinomoto wheel - Four double Hinomoto swiveling wheels made by high Japanese quality standards.They allow for easy 360 degree rotation in all directions.
  • TSA Lock System
  • Hang-able mobile storage partition
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